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The Great Cleanup of 2017 {Home Version}

My belief is that when you organize your spaces, you clear your mind. Being organized helps you to have a sense of calm and control, save money and set goals more easily. 

So, I mentioned last week that Hannah moved to her own little place, chemo ended and I was slowly getting my energy back. My body hasn’t recovered as quickly as my mind. I am moving at a fast pace to do a ton of things, but we will see how it goes.

One things is for sure, things are changing!

I aim to complete one task per week until this house is in order! I read this book by Marie Kondo:

and although I believe I am an organized person, Marie takes it to a new level. I will be organizing and purging A LOT! Three piles: keep, donate and sell! I will be having a yard sale in September and I will share my best tips. Time to get started!

Here’s my master organization list:

  • Move Christmas to large guest room closet (formerly known as Hannah’s room)
  • Move other seasonal decorations to large guest room closet
  • Organize games, crafts and office supplies in loft closet
  • Organize family photos and mementos into small guest closet
  • Rearrange wrapping paper and ribbons ( build a wrapping station?)
  • Complete redo on Master Bedroom Closet (!)
  • Garage Redo including floors!
  • Clean and organize outdoor shed

I hope to get the Christmas and seasonal decorations closet done in twp days and share with you all!

Let’s go! Tell me what closet you need to organize!

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