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My August Goals

Happy August 1! Time to set some goals. I have a hefty list f goals for this month. A lot of changes happening and I can’t wait to get started.

Business & Finance

I am so excited that we have been really concentrating on getting debt free. We followed the Dave Ramey Total Money Makeover for many years. It works if YOU work the plan! We were debt free two years ago. We made careless choices and struggled a bit with multiple surgeries and found ourselves back with debt. We simply didn’t have enough saved to cover our emergencies and debt walked back into our lives after we opened the door to it. We are making a lot of progress. We are able to tithe our full amount to our church, paid off several bills and have “only” four bills left to pay off. I’ll share more of our TMMO story this month. Our business and financial goals for this month are:


  • Pay off two credit cards (hope to pay them off by Friday of this week!)


  • Pay off our Errors & Omission Insurance in full. To make monthly payments will cost us 22.49% interest.
  • Update all social media marketing for the rest of the year.
  • Send letters  for marketing purposes

Family & Relationships

Our daughter moved to her own place yesterday. She is almost 21 and deserves all the happiness in the world. Her heart is pure and her work ethic is spectacular! She returned from a mission trip to Nicaragua yesterday morning. She paid for most of her trip on her own. She works full-time as an EMT and is studying to be a nurse. She was ready to fly from the nest, but this Mama’s heart still aches over all the memories of her growing up here. Life has a way of getting in your face and showing you what is important.

  • Having lunch with Hannah once a week to catch up
  • Writing and sending cards once a week to at least one my friends and family.
  • Date night once a month intentionally(no phones, no talks about money, no talks about the business)  concentrating on quiet time with my husband.
  • Completing Operation Solid Lives Bible Study at church.

Health & Fitness

  • Radiation starts daily 5 days a week this month. Enough said. You can read ll about my Breast Cancer journey HERE.


  • Time to overhaul the organization in my house. With Hannah moving out, I find myself with plenty of closet space! (Thanks Hannah) We started cleaning the garage last weekend. I will be sharing my HUGE to do list with you this week and dividing the organization into sections and posting about my accomplishments!

She Can Do It! 

  • How about learning how to budget? Every person should have a budget. It is quite liberating to handle your money instead of it handling you. I’ll show you how. Coming up!

Next up, The HUGE To Do List! What are your goals this month?



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