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November Goals {free printable}



Hi Friends!

It feels great to be able to have time to clear my mind and figure out what my next steps are. While healing my body and mind after treatment, writing down goals took a backseat and it’s been nice to sit back and relax and not put to much pressure on myself.

BUT! It is time to restart and end the year with some short term goals. In 2018, I am excited for many personal and business opportunities and I will share all these life-changing events right here on the blog.I hope you’ll follow along!

Family & Relationships

One date night a month with Wayne (especially with all the activities happening the next two months with holidays, it’ll be good to take time to focus on just each other)

One afternoon with Hannah. Even if it is just setting in the couch and talking.

Write at least three cards a month to family and friends.

Health & Fitness

It is time to start moving! I am considering re-joining the gym this month. I will make an effort to walk at least twice a week for 30 minutes outside to start  gaining my endurance.

Business & Finance

2018 will be here before you know it! I have many, many plans for the new year.

I am working on writing my book. My goal is to complete the outline this month by working on it once a week for 3 hours.

I am teaching a lengthy course on How to Start Your Own Business. I plan on completing the course by December 31st.

She Can Do It!

Do you think I can start a podcast? I am going to try! Taking a  course now that I will complete by December 31st.

So that’s what I am working on this month. I am also taking time to reflect on this year and make time to just enjoy my life. More quiet time, reassessing outreach and spending time with family. I hope you will do the same thing!


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